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Hobby breeding of Ball Pythons

Royal MORPHS and More

Patric Müllejans
Lärchenweg 12
D- 63571 Gelnhausen

+49 (0) 152/09048343

Christian Huhn
Ulmbacher Straße 20
36399 Freiensteinau

+49(0) 15122382019


I'm saying hereby publicly that our breeding of reptiles and the associated dissemination only is a HOBBY for us and nothing commercial or something like that! I'm distancing myself hereby expressly from a commercial breeding facility! We're using all the money that we're making with it to support and keep our hobby!

The new EU-Right says that also private persons have to insure a guarantee and a right to return of 1 year. unless they expressly distanced themselves.
This we do hereby!

The pictures and texts on this website are under out Copyright ©. Using them otherwise is vorbidden without our agreement.

All given disclosures are out of guarantee, spelling mistakes and inaccuracies and errors, and completeness of the information provided with reservation.

With the judgment from May, 12. 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "liability for links" has the law court in Hamburg (Germany) decided that everybody, who puts links on his website also responsible for them is.
I'm distancing myself and my website from the liability for all Links as hereby!

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