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- I only offer animals, that are healthy in my appear, for eventually later coming diseases or loss of the animal, I cannot take over responsibility after leaving my premises

- Offsprings I'm just passing on to someone else after some meals. - I'm definitely not giving away any animals, which does not eat by themself!

- The sex determination is by my best opinion by eversion but without guarantee.

- You can pick up the animals at my house or on an show I'm attending
after an agreement.

A shipment is generally from monday to wednesday by Geovex on costs and risk of the customer possible and will be organized by me only.

I will only accept and do an Trade or shipment afer the receipt of the whole agreed amount of money.

- If you wanna do an compulsory reservation, there has to be made an deposit. The reserved animals have to be picked up or received by shipment during a deadline of 4 weeks. (Other times are depending on the price and will maybe be possible after agreement)
If the customer does not comply this deadline, I will hold the deposit und all right of reservation are deleted.

It is not possible to trade or return bought animals.

Please notice the shows I'm attending - click HERE

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